In 1967 the group made its foray into the aviation sector and were one of the pioneers in the Airline Representation and Management concept in India

The RL Group are today established leaders in Airline Representation in India. The group is now expanding its reach within other verticals in travel and related domain.

We provide a range of services covering Representation, Sales and Distribution, Marketing Communications , Public Relations and Accounting and Compliance support.


Over 50 years of airline representation experience.

Experience in handling a diverse portfolio of international airlines.

Partnerships of over fifteen years with leading carriers such as air canada , air france oman air and saudia airlines.

Pan india experience in handling representations.

Strong corporate infrastructure to compliment dedicated airline offices.

Well established relationships with government and aviation agencies.


We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and then translate that into a viable business model .

As a group we believe in transparent and ethical practices working within corporate guidelines as specified by each client.


  • Strong relationships with travel trade, government, regulatory bodies and associations.
  • Select group of professionals in a corporate role offering cross support across all verticals.
  • Specialists appointed for each airline or product we represent.
  • We build partnerships with trust, transparency and tangible results.